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I Que BBQ: From Atlanta to San Diego

Want to impress your guests at your next event? I Que's mesquite smoked meats, Southern sides, and delicious desserts are irresistible to all barbecue lovers. I QUE specializes in catering social events of all sizes. Make us the smart choice! What's your I Que?
I Que delivery drop-off service creates an inexpensive way to enjoy the best barbeque in San Diego without being "cooped" up on cost. This delivery service provides you peace and time to plan your event without worry.
I Que goes above and beyond to prove that we are more than a sauce (you phil me!) by offering BYOM service. In addition to smoking beef, chicken, pork, and turkey, I Que works directly with Sail San Diego Charter smoking tuna, halibut, and shark. Bring us your meat and we will smoke it for you! Call for more details and pricing.

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Email: thopkins@iquebbq.com
Tel: (619) 957-8335


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